learning never exhaust the mind.



Q: Do you go by Liz, Elisabeth, Lisa, or Liz King. What should we call you!?

A: I go by all those names. I will let you know once we meet.

Q: What are you doing currently?

A: OOFTA. I am currently the……

  • Visual Content & Brand Specialist for Alliance for a Better Minnesota

  • C3 Vice Chair for Minnesota Youth Collective.

  • On the MCAD Alumni Board

  • Run an online restaurant with my papa @LosAviles

  • On the weekends I DJ with Instant Request Entertainment

  • Oh and I still freelance #hustle #creativedrive

Q: What were you doing before?

A: Prior to that, I was freelancing non-stop. Working for multidisciplinary creative studios, music venues and advertising agencies

Like…. Pixel Farm Creative Finishing House / First Avenue & 7th Street Entry / Terri & Sandy in New York to name a few.

And to be honest I’ve spent the past years traveling throughout Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Mexico and Germany.

Q: What do you do as a Visual Content & Brand Specialist?

A: I basically oversee and produce all visuals- graphic design, website design, overall branding, video work, lead the visual team, create social media strategy plans with our Deputy Director and manage our creative interns. On top of that I not only produce work for our organization but our partners as well. Partners work for— OutFront MN (Leading MN towards LGBTQ+ Equality) / MN Medicaid / Planned Parenthood MN

Q: Where did you go to school?

A: I attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design for college, Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High and Shakopee High School.

Q: On your resume it says you're bilingual, so are you like Mexican?

A: Yes, and very proud of it. Living that spanglish life.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I love to attend music concerts, compose music, paint and learn new styles of dance.


Q: Is Los Aviles your Brand?

A:  It's a daughter-dad start up brand. I started this brand for my dad because holy mamasita, his food is out of this world. 


Q: Do you prefer freelancing or full-time opportunities?

A:  I freelance based on my availability. However, I am currently working full time with Alliance for A Better Minnesota as their Visual Content & Brand Specialist.


Q: What type of freelance work do you do or have done?


  • Shooting / Producing ADS

  • Leading visual teams

  • Digital strategy

  • Social media content creation for brands

  • Documentaries

  • Product photography

  • Music videos

  • Video production

  • Shooting video for live bands

  • Designing business cards, flyers, magazine layouts and websites.

  • Advice on marketing tactics

  • Graphic design

  • Styling and prop styling

  • TV AD shoots

Q: Favorite songs atm?

A:  take a listen, just click!

Siguelo Bailando by Ozuna (latin)

Tadow by Masego (smooth sax playing with R&B vibez)

Work it by Gianni Blu (shuffle mood)

Let it all work by Lil’ Wayne (motivation sad moods)

Fly by Luovico Einaudi (classical)

Queens by The Blaze (appreciation)

Sativa by Jhene Aiko (night mood)

anything and everything POST MALONE.